How do i know?

My friends and i went to istanbul last winter’s historical timeline is just amazing…from the byzantine empire to ottoman dynasty and now a republic..has all traced their history…which form turkey that they live today.

Our trip was scheduled from 16th – 20th of february..2010…we visited many historical places…learned lots of thing..met lots of people in person..shared lots of experiences etc..we were very excited to discover how this nation was built…very interesting…sincerely..turkey is not like what it was expected before…

Just wanna share to you our hilarious moment in istabul…meeting an unknown coming from very unexpected land…haha

We were standing in front of a shop at a gas station..after returning back our car…an unknown man approached us and pointed at our face..excitedly…

The man: malaysian?!
Blurred malaysians: yes!

Than he asked this question and you dont know how to respond to that…it was like you’re supposed to answer an unanswerable question…

The man: how do i know?
Blurred malaysians: err…….
The man repeated: how do i know?
Blurred malaysians: don’t know…

Then he excitedly said: because i’m kazakhstan…my grandfather is from i work here..
Confused malaysians: oh yeah?….(actually it was like…oh yeke?so?…)

He told us how he get to istanbul and everything…he did tell us his profession but i forgot it because i was focusing on looking for the link between him and malaysia… was not just me! Haha!

Then we shaked hands and said goodbye…still in our mind…what was he asking us? is he malaysian ‘too’? How did he know us?

Just before returning back the car..we were arrested by policemen…twice! in on night!..the first one was quite normal..verifying driving licence and asking whether we take alcohol or not…’luckily’ the policeman stopped us because our driver left his international driving licence at our friend’s house…he let us go because we don’t look like capable of harming anyone…haha…then we went back to our friend’s house to get the licence back…happily…then we started our journey back…a police car pursued us from behind…asked us to stop the car…told us to show them our passport etc…something happened…but luckily they let us go…fuhh…what a trouble…

But that was just an another adventurous souvenir from istanbul..!

Blue mosque

marveling at the ottoman architecture…

Hagia sophia

    • mesak
    • February 24th, 2010

    souvenir utk ako ade kn? hehehe ;p

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